Metorik – Analytics, Reports, and Insights for WooCommerce

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Metorik | Analytics, Reports, Insights for WooCommerce

The World welcomes Metorik. In August 2016, Bryce Adams left an incredible job at Automattic. Bryce was chasing his dream of building a truly spectacular analytics, reporting, and insights product for WooCommerce. He had been dreaming of building it for years. In October 2016, he had a beta version ready and the product started to come alive. November 2016, Bryce … Read More

Image Optimisation

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How to improve your Image Optimisation.

Web page speed optimisation is a crucial part of a site’s usability and Image Optimisation can help. Google considers page speed to be one of the 200 ranking factors that influence a website’s position in organic search results, not to mention, a slow site is just painful for your customers. If your web page speed optimisation isn’t up to scratch, … Read More

How to use Jetpack and CloudFlare on a WordPress site

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Jetpack and CloudFlare on a WordPress site.

I have recently moved my hosting across to Dreamhost on their DreamPress 2 package with CloudFlare. First impressions… brilliant. Easy to use, quality built, and best of all, it’s fast. The server response dropped from 1.3 seconds down to 200 milliseconds. The only downfall (if you can even call it that) was the use of Jetpack and CloudFlare on a … Read More